The Office of the Ombudsman is there to ensure that all complaints relating to the City of Johannesburg is resolved through investigation, however we will only act if the dispute or complaint is still unresolved, and all official channels have been approached to resolve the dispute

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The Ombudsman investigates service delivery and Human Rights Complains that the City of Johannesburg or any of its entities have not resolved or not resolved to the satisfaction of the resident
Helpdesk 010 288 2800
Monday to Friday 8:00 - 17:00 Weekends and Public Holidays closed



What are Human Rights?

Human rights are the basic rights that every person has, simply because they are human. The Bill of Rights in Chapter 2 of our Constitution sets out the rights that every person in South Africa enjoys.

But these come with Responsibility

We must make sure that we respect other people’s rights if we want our rights to be respected

What are Human Rights Violations?

If a person ignores or abuses your rights, it is called a violation of those rights.

For example, if someone treats a person unfairly, purely because of their race, gender, age, ethnic group or membership of a political party then that person’s right to equality is being abused or violated.