Lodge a Complaint

010 288 2800
Monday to Friday 8:00 - 17:00
Weekends and Public Holidays closed


Steps to Follow Before Lodging a Complaint with the Ombudsman
  1. First lodge a query with the City of Johannesburg by either
    • Calling Care Connect on 0860 562 874, or
    • Visit a Customer Service Centre near you (Click Here); or
  2. Make sure you receive and save your reference number from the City of Johannesburg. Should you wish to escalate your complaint, the mbudsman will require this number
  3. Allow the City of Johannesburg a reasonable opportunity to resolve the complaint. If your complaint is not resolved, then you may escalate to the Office of the Ombudsman
When Lodging a Complaint with the Ombudsman
  1. Make sure that you have the following documents on hand
    • A copy of the complainant’s ID. If acting on behalf of another person, then Power of Attorney also needs to be included
    • City of Johannesburg Reference number
    • Proof of Residence (if available)
    • All prior correspondence (i.e. emails, SMS’s etc.) that relate to the complaint
    • All documentation relating to the complaint
  2. All complaints must be submitted on the prescribed complaint form to the Office of the Ombudsman



Complete and sign the form and attach all corresponding documents then email to complaints@joburgombudsman.org.za, or visit the Office of the Ombudsman with the completed form

Matters not for Investigation by the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman will not investigate the following:

  1. Any legislative or executive decisions by the City of Johannesburg Council or its executive organs
  2. Any matter where legal or arbitration proceedings have commenced, or are likely to commence
  3. Any matter relating to the laying of a charge against (or the prosecution of) an alleged offender
  4. Matters that must be dealt with by labour law
  5. Investigations into the financial affairs of the City of Johannesburg Council
  6. Complaints which are vexatious or frivolous (i.e. complaints which do not have serious purpose or value)
  7. Complaints where the complainant has not pursued all possible solutions offered by the City of Johannesburg, unless the Ombudsman believes that refusing to pursue these solutions would amount to (or result in) an injustice to the complainant
  8. Any alleged irregular conduct by a City of Johannesburg Councillor