Complaints Process

How to lodge a complaint

Before lodging a complaint with the Joburg Ombudsman

Firstly, lodge a query with the City of Johannesburg using the following channels:

Once you have lodged your complaint with the City of Johannesburg, allow them a reasonable opportunity to resolve the complaint. If your complaint is not resolved even to your satisfaction, then you may escalate it to the Office of the Joburg Ombudsman.

Should you wish to escalate your complaint, make sure you have received a reference number from the City of Johannesburg and keep it safe because it will be required by the Joburg Ombudsman when you decide to lodge a complaint with the office.

When lodging a complaint with the Joburg Ombudsman

Secondly, make sure that you have the following documents on hand:

  • A fully completed copy of the prescribed complaint form;
  • A copy of the complainant’s ID. If acting on behalf of another person, then Power of Attorney will be required;
  • A reference number from the City of Johannesburg;
  • Proof of Residence (if available) and
  • All prior correspondence i.e. emails, SMS’s etc. that relate to the complaint.

Remember to take the time to read through the form and gather the necessary information before completing it. Please outline the nature of the complaint, chronological order of complaint, the ground upon which there has been an act or omission, facts known to the complainant or relevant information, and any redress sought.

Once you have fully completed and signed the complaints form, attach all the supporting documents and e-mail everything to, or visit the Office of the Joburg Ombudsman or regional offices with all the required documents.

Note: If you are not sure if your complaint falls within the mandate of the Joburg Ombudsman, you may call or email us. Our friendly team of professional complaint consultants will advise accordingly.