The Office of the Ombudsman

The office of the Joburg Ombudsman was established in 2015 in respect of the Office of the Ombudsman By-law. This By-law was developed in response to the Gauteng Development Strategy 2040 goals of creating a responsive accountable, efficient and productive City.


We are an office of last resort; which means that residents may only approach our office once they have exhausted all available remedies prescribed by the City of Johannesburg’s internal support channels and structures to resolve disputes.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to contribute towards accelerated service delivery by promoting good governance and advocating for basic human rights in order to improve the confidence of the residents towards the administration of the City of Johannesburg while also ensuring that the City, it’s departments and entities are accountable to the communities they serve.

Part of our mandate as the Office of the Joburg Ombudsman is to promote the human rights of every resident living within the City of Johannesburg.

This Involves:

  • Educating residents of their rights;
  • Addressing and reporting human rights violations and
  • Raising awareness and advocating for the fair treatment of residents.

The objectives of the Office of the Ombudsman are to:

  • Ensure that all complaints relating to alleged acts of maladministration where members of the public are alleged to have suffered an injustice as a result of such maladministration are investigated and dealt with in a proper manner;
  • Ensure that the City provides efficient and courteous service to the public and treats people with dignity and honesty and that the public administration of the municipality conducts itself with the utmost integrity at all times;
  • Assist in preserving and promoting compliance with all resolutions, policies and by-laws which govern the municipality and which detail directly or indirectly the services rendered to the public and therefore ensuring the rights of the public are protected;
  • Develop awareness of human rights among the residents of the City of Johannesburg;
  • Undertake studies on human rights and make recommendations to the City Manager and Executive Mayor in order to to enhance the promotion and implementation of human rights in the city and
  • Investigate complaints of human rights violation by the administration of the municipality and to seek appropriate redress.